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MRIAQ – “Your industry, your future”

As an association we represent the interests of our members through the provision of a range of cost effective services and support.
The Metal Roofing Industry Association of Queensland (MRIAQ) was formed to improve the metal roofing industry and advance the interests of its members.

Today, the MRIAQ is one of Australia’s most successful and credible metal roofing industry bodies, a non-profit organisation representing all segments of the industry. Membership of the MRIAQ is not just limited to direct industry participants but also supporters of the metal roofing industry.

The MRIAQ serves a diverse membership, working on behalf of a great range of organisations and individuals who work with and within the metal roofing industry. The association’s membership includes material suppliers, manufacturers, contractors, group training organisations, professional consultants as well as roof fixing companies across Queensland.

The association is driven strongly by its members, with an elected President and Management Committee. Activities of the association include:

  • Lobbying government to achieve positive outcomes for the industry
  • Keeping members up to date on critical industry issues
  • Providing opportunities for business and social networking
  • Promoting safe and efficient roof installation through the adoption of safe working practices, and
  • Collaborating with other industry bodies to deliver optimum results for members

With members representing contractors, manufacturers and suppliers, the MRIAQ is an ideal forum to raise current industry issues.

By overcoming legislative, compliance and safety issues and by improving the technical and professional skills of our industry, we will be laying the foundation for growth in both market size and profitability.

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